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How old does my dog have to be before training for obedience?

We can start training your dog as soon as you get them. We do not recommend you get your dog until at LEAST 6 weeks but we suggest picking your dog up between the 8-10 week mark. You would want to get them started as soon as possible to prevent bad habits from forming

instead of having to correct bad habits and try to break them after they are created. 

If my dog is an adult can you still do obedience?

Of course! We can still teach old dogs new tricks! We have taught dogs as old as 10 years old how to learn to be obedient. It is never too late to have a well mannered dog.

Till what age can you still train my dog?

Dogs are capable of learning until they cross the rainbow bridge. Keep

teaching them until they do. Never let a training opportunity pass you by without taking advantage of it.

What breed does my dog have to be?

The choice of breed is completely yours to decide. There are hundreds of different breeds out there and there are even more mixes that you can find in your local shelter if you are not set on a purebred dog. The best dog for you is one that matches your personality, energy, and ability of training. There is a specific breed for every type of person. If you need

help, we are always here to assist you choosing your next dog.

How long does it take to train my dog?

For just standard obedience, it takes 6 dedicated weeks of work to truly

train a dog to understand what you want when you give a command. The more commands you want to teach, the longer it takes. On average, it takes 3-5 days to fully condition a dog to respond the first time, every time on a command, but then you still need to maintain training for the rest of the dog’s life!

Do I have to be with my dog?

No, but it is highly recommended. We can do training without the owner present; however, the dog will listen to the trainer great… the owner, not so much. The reason is that the trainer and the dog now have created a bond that the owner does not have. We recommend that you teach your dog the commands. This is why we offer our obedience courses which we teach you how to train your own dog. We want you to be fully self sufficient in you and your dog’s life. We give you all the tools and knowledge to completely teach your dog to be amazing.

Would you be able to train if my dog does not take treats?

Yes! We train every method, so if you want to use treats for your dog we teach you how to. If your dog won’t take treats, then we teach the method for that as well. Not every dog learns the same, because of this, we make sure that the owners are fully capable of training their dog no matter what the motivation is. We can adapt to ANY dog and any situation to make sure that training is valuable, successful and fun.

Would you be able to help me take the food bowl away from my dog without any behavioral issues?

Of course! Against what most people believe, your dog’s food bowl belongs to you, not the dog. Therefore, we actually teach how to take ANYTHING from your dog. The dog learns that we give them their rewards and if we need to, for any reason, we can take them away with no issue.

I have a sensitive and fearful dog, how can your training help me?

This training will build confidence in your dog and make them much more tolerant of other situations and other dogs to make them not so scared. Our advanced course should be your goal if you have a fearful dog.

What type of training methods do you use?

We teach you all three methods of training; lure, traditional, and opportunity. Then we teach you how to blend them and create any

method that will work for your dog. In short, we teach you EVERYTHING.

Do you train the dog or do we learn how to train our dog?

We train you how to teach your dog. In over 20 years training dogs

we have seen the benefits of this method and it massively outweighs having a trainer train your dog for you. Now, there are reasons that having a trainer do the training may be more beneficial. Behavior issues, housebreaking, kennel training, or if you have a disability are the main reasons to have a trainer who is more experienced in these areas.

Does this training work for even small dogs?

Yes! Condition training works for all dogs; large or small, young or old.

Will my dog ever forget the training that you give us? And will I have to keep it up everyday?

Your dog won’t forget; however, it may get confused, sloppy, or just lazy, depending on how much you use it. The more you stay consistent with the training the better your dog will do. That goes for anything we do, any skill we have, if we don’t keep training at it then it deteriorates. This is not something you need to do every day, but your dog would love to be taught something new every day. You want to keep your dog mentally engaged; give it a job to do. We will teach you how to do this.

Does your training methods work with aggressive dogs?

Yes! We train hundreds of aggressive dogs a year with amazing success. If you have an aggressive dog, you will need to set up a one on one training course before they will be allowed to come to a group course. If you have an aggressive dog, we can typically get the aggression under control in just one or two sessions and then get you to a group class where we can eliminate yours dogs issue completely. Again, if you have an aggressive dog, your goal should be our advanced obedience course.

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