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Meet Our Trainers



Vande Hei has been training for almost 20 years now starting back in Wisconsin. Growing up, his whole family was involved in the dog world and still are to this day. He has volunteered thousands of hours as a dog trainer and has assisted in the adoptions of more than 500 dogs from shelters and rescues in the local communities. Casper also has put in vast amounts of volunteer time into training and certifying service dogs here in the local area at no charge for our wounded veterans. He is certified in areas of training such as obedience, agility, behavior modification, eliminating aggression, tracking, assistance dogs (service and therapy), etc.. In his years of training, Casper has worked with over 60,000 dogs, 500 service dogs, dealt with more than 5,000 aggression cases and over 9,000 one on one courses! 





Ian has worked with Marine Corps Military Working Dogs for 3 years. He has worked with a focus on aggression and substance detection along with obedience. Ian has worked with various foreign military’s to help introduce the capabilities and advantages of utilizing a dog in different scenarios. Ian has been trained in canine first aid and canine psychology. He is always up for the challenge of helping with any problems you are having with your pet at home. He attended advanced training in Yuma Proving grounds to gain further skills in Vet care and experience in austere environments. Competed in the East Coast Iron Dog competition taking home 3 first place trophies with the help of his MWD PPatriot.

We recognize that every dog has a personality of its own. We have many years of experience and will choose the most effective method of training to work with each individual client. Unleashed Dog Training is here to provide you with any assistance or questions, that you might have with regard to training that special member of your family.

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