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Fund Raising Hope

Below you’ll find our primary goals, all of which are essential to a successful campaign launch. We always strive for community outreach. We have a few different ways we are helping our community right now. We hope you take this opportunity to support our vision, and are greatly appreciative of any contribution you can make.

We are raffling off a Ruger 5.56 with a bunch of add on's. Desined for quick reaction, this gun is left hand friendly with it's ambidextrous charging handle and amidextrous 45 degree short throw safety. We also added the MagPul B.A.D. lever to drop that bolt faster without getting off your sights on reloads (one of my personal favorite upgrades!). Then we outfitted this beauty with a Vortex Strikefire 2 red dot with an 80,000 hour battery life. The picture below is the ACTUAL gun. Raffle tickets are $5 per and can be bought in person or on line and we can fill out your tickets for you. Tickets will be drawn live. This gun was donated by Unleashed Dog Training. Casper personally donated the B.A.D. lever, 45 degee safety and ambidextrous charging handle. Unleashed Dog Training's Service Dog Handlers pitched in to donate the optic. When this company comes together, we can do anything to help someone who needs it!


Veterans are not the only people that need service dogs. Unfortunately, they are the ones who get the most help because it is the most rewarding for an organization to say "look, I helped a wounded veteran...". The scary thing is to see the numbers of our neighbors who have injuries from car accidents, medical conditions that they were born with or just trauma in their life but because they didn't serve in the military, there isn't an organization that is willing to help them. We have set up a totally separate account for donations to accept for this purpose. We are currently sponsoring a family to get them a new dog after their last one just passed away of cancer. It was their son's Autism Service dog. We want to provide everything for them through donations. It started with the Ruger 5.56 being raffled off above, it ends when we hit enough for them and whatever is left over goes to the next family who needs it. That is why Unleashed Dog Training is here.


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